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    November 14, Speciality Dog Show of National Basset-hound and Bloodhound clubs was held in Moscow.60 dogs-52 basset-hounds and 8 bloodhounds were registered at show.Judge Carla Gerber(von Hollandheim)-France. 
    The show was a friendly holiday for all.The judge was strict,marks were different , even' good','very good'.But everyone was pleased to be judged by the proffesional experienced breeder,more than 40 years in breed is great! 
    It was a dream for many Russian dog owners to be jugded by Carla.
    Thanks o lot and best regards to Carla.Hope ,she enjoyed Moscow and we always wellcome her.

    Buffobass Caramel-Vanilla Ice Cream, 9 month old

    Best Junior and BEST OF BREED
    Best Male Swede Sun's Marcus
    Best Female Grand Twintip Gavana La Cuba
    Best Junior Female Балтик Шоу Ализе Элеганс Лилу
    Best Veteran Челобака Цой Бади
    Best puppy Гранд Твинтип Зест фо Лайф
    Best Puppy male Adonis Varnalesa
    Buffobass Bosco Eliceo exl 1 intermedia class
    Grand Twintip Exlusive Edition exl 1 open class
    Fantadrom Bentley for Alla exl 1 Working class

    Hannibal Lady Barnett's Winners class exl 1
    Zoff Merril Champion class exl 1
    Amazing Star in Stripes of Mushurush open class exl1
    Swede Sun's Qathy Champion class exl 1
    Duffy Moravia Bento Champion NBC class exl 1
    Best Kennel "Grand Twintip"
    Best Progeny  Duffy Moravia Bento
    Best Couple
    Swede Sun's Marcus & Гранд Твинтип Зест фо Лайф
    Best Handler Lukyanova Svetlana
    Best costume Ilga Lotos Nik Silver
       Челенджер Чинук  ВОВ
    Beatrissa iz Doma Fan - Fan   Best Female
    Farlap Quesswork  Best Junior