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    В ноябре 2008 года была проведена Первая всероссийская выставка МКОО "Клуб породы "Бассет-хаунд", на которую был приглашен судья из Великобритании Вильям О'Лафлин, владелец питомника бассет-хаунд Bassbarr. Вильям О Лафлин занимается разведением бассет-хаундов с 1964 года, в его питомнике родились и выросли многие чемпионы, которые встречаются в родословных российских собак. Сейчас Билл живет в Венгрии и в его питомнике насчитывается 55 бассет-хаундов!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Отзыв Вильяма О Лафлина о монопородной выставке 15 ноября 2008года

    (взято с сайта Bassbarr)


    In November 2008 I had the pleasure of judging in MOSCOW where the hospitality of our Russian friends was amazing, and the sportsmanlike attitude of the exhibitors was exemplary. I was pleased to see some promising youngsters and some very typical adults. The principal problems, as in most european countiries, involved insufficient length of humerus and tibia, and some insufficiient angulation. Some ribcages were disappointing

    My main winners were very pleasing specimens, and there were many other typical substantial animals with something to offer the breed.

    After the judging I was delighted to have the opputunity of discussing breed specific problems with the exhibitors and other enthusiasts, with the help of my extremely capable interpreter, herself a judge and breeder of top class dalmatians. This proved to be a stimulating discussion, and I hope to have at least transmitted some of my understanding of correct basset structure to these enthusiastic basset lovers. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Moscow, and will watch the development of the breed in the Russian Federation with interest.

    photo essay about the exhibition can be seen in the photo   http://www.samborland.ucoz.ru/photo/basset_club_show_15112008/7