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    Главная » 2010 » Февраль » 28 » Rudy Smits' comments on Moscow Champion Winner Club Dog Show.
    Rudy Smits' comments on Moscow Champion Winner Club Dog Show.
    I really enjoyed judging the Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds in Moscow. The
    overall quality was very good. The best ones could compete well with bassets
    in all European and other countries in my opinion. Especially my BOB was
    really fantastic. Although not knowing he would be at this show I recognised
    him immediately. I had once seen him before already winning the 50th
    Anniversary Club Show in England many years ago. I loved him then already
    and must say he maybe was even better now. Maybe not the heaviest and most
    typy one in bone in skin but with good type, nobility and o so sound. I
    especially love the nice front and super neck and topline. What I also like
    a lot in a male is to see him back in his offspring. In a lot of younger
    dogs I immediately recognised that he was the father.
    My Best of Opposite Sex, the bitch, was also very sound, well built and a
    good mover. She was young and will mature (drop in body) with time and even
    become nicer. Because of soundness and movement she was best bitch that day.
    There were lots of other very nice Basset Hounds but that day these dog and
    bitch were best constructed and also very good movers in my opinion.
    The Bloodhounds I judged were also very nice. My best male was very sound
    and a super mover with also nice neck and topline, maybe almost too showy
    for a Bloodhound. I hesitated between male and bitch but because of the
    super nice head, expression and very breed typical hindquarter movement I
    chose the bitch as BOB.

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